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The Social IMPACT Research Center has an extensive portfolio of needs assessment and evaluation research on issues facing poor and low-income populations. Our user-friendly work equips nonprofits, foundations, and governments to advance real-world solutions to poverty.
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The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Illinois: Methodology Appendix

September 1, 2009

This appendix explains the methodology, assumptions, and sources used to calculate the Illinois Self-Sufficiency Standard. It begins with a discussion of how the Standard differs from the official Federal Poverty Level, followed by the methodology and assumptions of how each cost is calculated in the Standard, ending with a list of data sources used to calculate the Standard in Illinois.

Asset Building & Financial Security; Poverty

The Impact of Work Supports: The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Illinois 2009

September 1, 2009

This document models the impact that work supports have on family income and expenses in two different ways. Both model a family with one parent and two children (a preschooler and a schoolage child) on the south side of Chicago (Cook County) Illinois. The document begins with a description of the work supports and child supports that are modeled, followed by an explanation of how and why the taxes and tax credits are treated differently in this document than in the Self-Sufficiency Standard itself. The first modeling section of this document shows the impact of work supports on monthly costs. The second modeling section in this document shows the impact of work supports on wage adequacy.

Asset Building & Financial Security; Poverty; Safety Net & Human Services

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