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The Social IMPACT Research Center has an extensive portfolio of needs assessment and evaluation research on issues facing poor and low-income populations. Our user-friendly work equips nonprofits, foundations, and governments to advance real-world solutions to poverty.
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Put Illinois To Work Evaluation: An Early Look

October 19, 2010

Though the recession is technically over, the large gap between available jobs and people in need of work necessitates a further discussion about the role subsidized employment programs play in supporting disadvantaged workers and struggling businesses through the recovery. While rigorously assessing the impact of Illinois' subsidized job program, Put Illinois to Work, on individuals, businesses, and communities will take many months, this early look can be an important contribution to pending federal and state discussions about whether and how to continue funding and running subsidized jobs programs as a response to the economic crisis.The Social IMPACT Research Center was commissioned to document and evaluate PITW's program model, outcomes, and impacts. This early report gives a brief overview of the program, explores an initial round of outcome data, and presents feedback from PITW workers and employers. Subsequent reports will present a fuller picture of outcomes, explore the details of and lessons learned from PITW's development and implementation, and assess in much greater detail the impact of the program on the lives of the workers and on the stability and viability of Illinois businesses.


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